• 03 Oct 2022
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Understanding Just How Details Are Gathered On Alna Space Program

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What Personal Data We Collect As Well As Why We Gather It

The web content we see
When you choose to share content with us, we may ask for some personal details.

After we approve your comment, you'll see your avatar next to your name in the context of your comment.


You should avoid embedding EXIF data into photographs published on the web. Visitors to the website may be able to download and extract any type of EXIF data from photographs on the website.


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These images are stored on your device and help us provide better service to you and others, and we use them to deliver video content or computer animation or collect data for analytics purposes.

We use analytical software to track visitor behavior and identify where visitors come from. We may aggregate this information with others, but these companies can't use any of the information without our permission.

Once you've visited the website, we and third parties might collect some specific details about your computer, including your IP address, hardware specifications, browser software, operating systems, time zone settings, and which webpages you viewed. These details may be combined with other info, including the stuff you chose to share.

We collect some basic stats from these server log files, including the type of web browser used, the length of stay on each webpage, which pages people visit most often, etc. These stats help us understand how we're doing.

If you leave us any comments, we'll keep them until we no longer require them. We may use them if we have questions about your order or if we have to contact you again.

We may record some information about you when you access our site.

We use cookies to collect some basic visitor statistics, including which pages you view, when and where you access our site, and whether you return to our site. These cookies don't identify you personally. They just help us understand how people interact with our site so we can improve it.

A write-post saves a small text document containing the post ID and the time at which the post was written. This document is stored for 24 hours in your web browser's temporary Internet files folder.

Installed Content From Various Other Web sites

On this website, some articles contain embedded links to websites outside of our control. These external websites may collect cookies that could track visitors' activities on third-party websites.

Those websites may collect some information from you, use cookies, track your activity through third parties, and also keep tabs on your interactions with their embedded contents if you've got an account and are logged in to that website.

How long do we keep your data?

We store your comment indefinitely so we can acknowledge and approve any kind of response to your comment.

We keep track of your personal information so we know who you are when you visit our site again. You can update any piece of information at any time by clicking "Edit" next to it. If you want to remove your account, click "Remove Account."

What legal rights do you have over your data than your data itself?

If we're legally obligated to keep some records, we'll delete any info that isn't necessary anymore.

We've updated our privacy policy

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