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Our experts will use their knowledge to provide the most unbiased product reviews, if you are looking for the Best gaming speakers under $100 then don't miss the list of top 16 products that the experts have selected. from famous brands: Sanyun, Weenon, Gogroove, Edifier, Keiid, Enhance, Cyber acoustics, Logitech, Klipsch, Bestisan, Redragon. Check out these helpful tips from experts before you buy.

Tom DeMarco By, Tom DeMarco
  • 【Compact Design】 Edifier desktop speaker, 4.7*4.4*3.6 inch compact size, 15-degree elevation angle allows it to be stored under the monitor, user-friendly design, the weight is concentrated at the bottom, the gaming computer speaker will neither flip nor move at will
  • 【High power and loud enough】 Quality PC speakers for desktop with 5W peak power, 2.5-inch full range drivers, the computer speaker volume easy dealt with areas above 40m², It can be used as a desk speaker in the office. Even when you play music in the kitchen, your husband in the garage may enjoy it both.
  • 【Gentle RGB Lights speakers for pc 】 Edifier desktop speakers have 12 patterns of RGB ambient lightening effects, Dynamic Appearance enhances the gaming experience, Excellent RGB shouldn't offend eye, gaming speakers so soft that the mind can focus on sound, You can turn the light off when you don't need it
  • Easy Control - The button control on the speaker for power and volume adjustments, lighting effect switch. Indicator light colors change with the connections
  • High-Quality Sound - Dual 2.5 inches full range drivers with 10 Watts peak power for live stereo
  • Auto EQ - Smooth switch to Game/Music/Movie mode for an immersive experience of specific scene
  • 3 EQ options (Music, Movie, and Game) adjust the sound whether you are streaming music, watching a movie, or playing a game. Game EQ mode includes 3D surround sound perfect for gaming. 1-year warranty & 24 hours after-sales support.
  • Each high-quality, full-range speaker also drives two passive radiators resulting in rich sound and powerful bass. The built-in DSP sound optimization chip upgrades the sound even further. These speakers are small in size but big in sound performance.
  • Three buttons simply controls all. Shift mode / EQ, adjust volume, or mute the speakers-it's all there with a simple click. Via its 3.5mm AUX line in jack you can also connect smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, CD players, even your smart TV.
  • 【Stable Connection & Literally Plug and Play】EDIFIER speaker for pc is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.3, More stable, Longer distance, less delay. Bluetooth computer speakers literally plug and play,Switch Bluetooth and usb modes with a button
  • 【Containable RGB Gaming Atmosphere】 The RGB speakers for 6 RGB lighting effects, The gaming soundbar with 6 RGB lighting effects not only Fixed one of the colors but also rainbow wave, enhancing gaming effects. Of course, you can turn off the light when you are sleeping or working
  • 【Compact size design for desktop】Mini computer speakers for desktop 15.67 x 3.33 x 2.89 inches Compared to traditional speakers, pc soundbar for desktop can save space on the desktop,speakers for computer monitor only USB cable, is easier to clear The Desktop, more portable
  • VOLUME & BASS CONTROLS: Adjust the audio levels with integrated on-board controls for rich sound that's customized the way you want it | BUILT-IN LIGHT SWITCH allows the LED's to be turned on/off
  • SIMPLE, EASY CONNECTION: AC Powered (adapter included); 60" cord | Connect the RCA cables to the satellite outputs and 3.5mm AUX cable which you can plug into multimedia devices with a headphone jack
  • GLOWING, SATELLITE SPEAKERS: Two drivers are designed with soft LED translucent lights that bring a vibrant look to your desk, office or home setup | 5 WATT DRIVERS for clear volume and listening
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: Includes 1 year hassle free manufacturer warranty. AC power 110V only. For the best sound fidelity, we recommend that you set the volume on the source (computer, tablet, etc.) between 65-80% and then use the volume controls on the speaker system to raise and lower the volume.
  • CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: With removable cloth grills, the satellites were created to look great sitting next to today's high-tech components or discretely in a living room
  • PREMIUM ROOM FILLING SOUND: Driven by an acoustically optimized internal power supply, this subwoofer speaker system delivers 92 watts peak power and 46 watts RMS. With quality sound and maximum power, you’ll experience music you can truly feel, filling any room large or small
  • Convenient wired control pod: Easily access volume and power, plus a headphone jack for private listening.
  • VERSATILE SETUP – Connect up to two compatible devices via the 3.5 millimeter and RCA inputs. No need to disconnect when switching between audio sources.
  • Front-facing subwoofer: 5 inch driver adds deep, intense bass to your music, movies and games.
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What To Consider When Buying The Best gaming speakers under $100?

Today, the Best gaming speakers under $100 is an indispensable component of our society. With so many different products available, it’s really difficult for us to know which ones best suit our needs.

We're happy to help! Our experts used the internet to compile a comprehensive buying guide for our customers. You can use the below tips to learn more about this product type.

Here are some things to consider when purchasing the Best gaming speakers under $100:

Size And Components

These systems are the most popular and we test them mostly. They only have a left-and-right speaker that sits on your desk. We also test a few systems that include a subwoofer under your desk. Computer speakers must strike a balance between performance and size. Speakers that are too small can cause distortion or noise in low bass notes. Although larger speakers may sound louder and more powerful, they might not be large enough to fit on your desk.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is the most important factor. We look for speakers that produce a pleasant sound, which makes conference calls and music enjoyable to listen to. We make sure that speakers can be heard clearly enough to allow for focus and not just background music in a bedroom.


Bluetooth connectivity is a feature that many computer speakers have. This allows you to wirelessly connect your phone to your computer and stream your music. A set with Bluetooth is a great choice if you want versatile speakers that can work with your phone and computer.

Headphone Jack

The days of the 3.5mm audio jack are gone, but there is still value in the ability to connect wired headphones directly to a computer speaker set for critical listening.


Although you can find many computer speakers made of plastic, we have never seen one that we thought worth purchasing. Our testing focuses on systems between $100 and $300. We are open to models priced beyond this range. Please let us know via the comments below.


We prefer speakers that have volume controls on the front. This allows you to adjust the volume while at your desk. We prefer models that offer multiple connections.

Multiple Inputs

Many computer speakers can connect to multiple devices via multiple ports. Multiple input options are great for connecting other devices, such as a virtual assistant or MP3 player to your computer.

External Subwoofer

Subwoofers can be used to bring out the bass in music, TV and movies. They are basically a separate box that sits on top of the speakers and handles the entire audio's bass. A set of computer speakers should include a subwoofer if you like loud, powerful bass in music and movies.

Wireless Connectivity

We don't believe Bluetooth support should be mandatory as these speakers will likely remain connected to computers. We do appreciate this feature as it makes it easier to use the speakers with more sources and in more situations. We review the Bluetooth-equipped model if the manufacturer offers both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth versions. This is usually around $30 more.

Final Thoughts

With well-known brands such as: Sanyun, Weenon, Gogroove, Edifier, Keiid, Enhance, Cyber acoustics, Logitech, Klipsch, Bestisan, Redragon, we believe that these are the leading manufacturers to choose the Best gaming speakers under $100 for your needs. After making your selection, careful consideration of customer feedback is one of the factors in understanding the information that our experts have provided, so we very much welcome comments from our readers to improve our service.


1. Can I Use A Set Of Computer Speakers With My TV?

It depends. It all depends. Older TVs, for example, have red and white RCA out ports that can be connected to computer speakers with RCA inputs. Some computer speakers also have optical input ports, which can be connected to some TVs' optical output ports using an optical cable. To determine the needs of your set of computer speakers, you should look at the audio output options on the side or back of your TV.

2. Do Computer Speakers Come With A Remote Control?

Remote controls are available for some computer speakers. They allow you to adjust volume from far away. Although remote controls are not a very common feature in computer speakers, it is worth looking at which models include one.

3. Which Sounds Better: Audio Over Bluetooth Or Audio Over A 3.5mm Cable?

Bluetooth audio has seen major advancements over the past decade. Most listeners cannot tell the difference between music streaming over Bluetooth and music from a hardwired source (like plugging in your computer directly with a USB cable). Technically, a hardwired connection is almost always better than a Bluetooth wireless connectivity option. However, unless you are listening to high-fidelity audio formats such as FLAC and ALAC, it's unlikely that you will notice any difference.

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Tom DeMarco By, Tom DeMarco