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We rely on scientific methods to help us determine whether something is true or not. We use tests and consumer surveys for that purpose.

Our experts from those methods have put together a list of the Best computer case under 50 for you, that was carefully chosen from a number of products from these outstanding brands: Thermaltake, Zalman, Ebtools, Pano-mounts, 070, Electrocookie, Yoidesu, Silverstone technology, Goodisory, Deepcool. Please choose the right product for you.

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  • DIY MULTIPLE SIZE: 50cm 19.68inch pc computer case dust filter mesh cover with 3m 118inch magnetic strip separately,you can flexibly diy and build the size easily.
  • DUSTPROOF&VENTILATION: The mesh cover can be used instead of the side cover of pc case,effectively increase the ventilation effect and ensure clean to prolong device working life.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Designed for home pc computer chassis and fan dust filter,speaker grills and other electrical electronic products dust protection or some diy dustproof projects.It can be dust cover for gaming consoles,Xbox,Xbox Series X,Xbox One X and more.
  • Open Design: Through this open design, the motherboard is cooler. Sufficient space is reserved between the graphics cards.
  • High Quality Materials: Made of high quality SECC, the open chassis has the best craftsmanship, sturdiness, durability, and long service life.
  • Sturdy Durable: The open computer case is sturdy and durable, fully protects the graphics card and electronic equipment, and can be stacked firmly.
  • Color Changing RGB Mood Light with Adjustable Brightness Controller
  • Effective CPU Cooling System with Large Heatsink and 4000rpm Fan
  • Matte Black Aluminum Body and Transparent Dark Gray Acrylic Cover
  • EXCELLENT SERVICE - In order to eliminate your worries, we will provide a 12-month quality guarantee from the date of purchase to ensure that the product is not damaged, deformed or otherwise. In the process of using, you can contact us if you have any questions or interesting findings, we are always there.
  • FRAME COMPUTER CASE - The computer test bench atx is a Nude building blocks frame, lightweight and convenient disassembly, which can be stacked.The main board is of ITX structure, this PC Open Frame Test Bench will provide users with an open and large space.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY - Good compatibility, the test bench support ATX, M-ATX, for ITX motherboard. Support independent graphics card, which requires optional graphics card accessories.
  • Compatible with Intel Mini-STX motherboard
  • Super small at 1.53 liters in size
  • Includes VESA MIS-D, 75 monitor/wall mount clips
  • Size: extreme small size (9 x 7.4 x 3.5in ) design to fit in both Mini-ITX motherboard and Flex PSU (5.9 x 3.2 x 1.6in).
  • Portability: small volume (3.8L) allow it easy to be put in backpacks, luggage and on desktop.
  • Extension design: a slot of PCIE, two WIFI holes, and two USB 3.0 and HD audio.
  • A compact ATX computer case supports motherboards up to E-ATX.
  • With a meshed front panel, the intake channel provides abundant air flow for your system to breath and keep your entire build at a steady, sustainable temperature.
  • Full sized 4mm thickness, tempered glass side panel gives the case a unique look and perfectly show off your inner structure.
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When buying the Best computer case under 50 in 2023, you should consider the following factors.

Every business and organization wants to sell as many of its products as it can. But, not every new idea or concept gets approval and support from consumers. Consumers decide whether or not they want to purchase something based on many different things.

So, what are the main influencers for customers when they decide whether to purchase something? We'll discuss the most important one about the Best computer case under 50.

Drive Bays

Another important concern is the drive bays. You need space...for your space. The 2.5-inch and the 3.5-inch drive bays are where you will find your storage drives, SSDs, and hard drives (HDD). Some tower cases also have additional SSD mounting points at the rear of their motherboard tray.

Water-cooling Compatibility

Water-cooled systems are much more efficient than air-cooled ones, but they require a lot of work to get them running properly. A good water-cooled system requires a proper chassis, and that means a case with liquid-cooler mounting points. You can’t just put an aftermarket cooler into any old case. And if you go with a mid-sized case, you may not be able to fit a big radiator either. If you’re willing to spend money on a high quality case, though, you might find yourself getting a better return on your investment.

RGB Lighting

There isn't anything wrong with adding a touch of personalisation to your PC set up, and RGB lighting is an excellent way to inject some personality into your living room. RGB technology is ubiquitous these days - in fact, it's likely quite hard to find a PC tower without RGB in today's marketplace. Choose the style that suits your tastes, and remember, you're able to switch it off if you want.

Toolless Designs

In the past, any work that was "under the hood of" a computer required a Phillips screwdriver. These days are gone, as toolless designs are almost universal in all PC tower cases above the entry level. These cases are easy to use and reduce headaches. They also have tabs that allow for quick assembly or disassembly.


Tower cases are available in many sizes. This is because motherboards, CPUs, GPUs and motherboards all have different sizes. Start with your motherboard to determine the size that you require. Specific motherboards require specific cases. Product descriptions will usually specify which ones are compatible. It is important to first gather all your parts and then find the right case. The motherboard's size is important, but you should also consider the size of your GPU, and your CPU cooler. They can be quite large.

Cases can be purchased in four sizes.

The smallest of all cases, the mini-ITX or small form-factor case, is very popular today. This case is limited to the mini-ITX motherboard, so you may have size restrictions with other components. However, Mini-ITX cases are highly praised for their portability and minimalism.

These mini cases can support both micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards. Although this opens up your options significantly, you might still face space issues when building larger builds.

Mid cases are the best choice for a variety of reasons. They're flexible, affordable and can fit mini-ITX or micro-ATX motherboards. Although the footprint is second, mid towers can still blend in. The majority of users will be satisfied with the internal volumes.

Full cases are usually the most powerful and suitable for e-ATX motherboards measuring 13 inches in length. Full towers offer incredible headroom, although smaller motherboards can be used inside.

Front Panel Connectivity

If you use a number of external peripherals, you'll be fumbling around with your computer's front-facing port frequently. It's where you'll be pluggin' in USB drives, headsets, cell phones, and even external displays, so the more connections the better. Most basic tower cases come with just two USB slots, one 3.5mm audio input/output slot, and nothing else, so you may want to budget for a more robust front-end. Beyond those basics, you can expect to find HDMI, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, Ethernet, FireWire, and Thunderbolt connectors, along with various other types of interfaces.

Airflow And Cooling Fans

When buying a computer tower case, you want to ensure that there is good air flow and proper ventilation. Some manufacturers include diagrams showing their design philosophy, but customer reviews are great sources of information.

While airflow is important, PC towers need good ventilation. You want a case with two or three good sized vents for proper cooling. More is better, but more isn't always necessary. Manufacturers usually offer multiple fan mounting options.

Cable Management

Cable organization is an important part of keeping a tidy desktop. Most motherboards come with pre-punished cable holes for hiding cables, but there are lots of ways to organize them better. Some have rubber gaskets and clips, while some include special cutout sections for organizing cables.


After making the final decision, a thorough review of consumer feedback is crucial to find the Best computer case under 50 that is best suited for our research. 

So in the famous brands: Thermaltake, Zalman, Ebtools, Pano-mounts, 070, Electrocookie, Yoidesu, Silverstone technology, Goodisory, Deepcool, we have selected for you the best product list as above, from which you can confidently choose the right product for you.


1. How Do I Know What Size Tower Case I Need?

You need to start with your mainboard. This is the most important factor in deciding which type of computer you want. Smaller computers simply don't have enough space for larger mother boards.

Another way to know if something is a good fit for your needs is to follow a simple set of rules. For example, motherboards come in four size categories. From smallest to largest: minitx, microatx, atx, and eataxtx. Cases also follow a similar pattern. An atx case is designed for an atx board, an itx case is made for an itx board, and so on.

An important thing to keep in mind is that smaller mother boards may work fine in larger cases, so if you're building a PC that requires a tiny footprint, you'll likely be able to get away with a smaller board. Conversely, an eATX board will not work in a mITX case.

2. What Is An Expansion Slot?

Expansion Slits are the keys to upgradability. Most computer towers include expansion slits, allowing users to add new hardware without having to remove any existing components. The most common types are AGP, PCI and PCI Express, which are used for Video Card, Network card, Sound card and Modem.

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